Traffic Calming - closing date October 3rd 2020

We are receiving numerous enquiries concerning traffic calming schemes in the parish. As you know, the delayed works at Pilning are anticipated to start soon, with Severn Beach to follow.

According to South Gloucestershire Council, the traffic calming scheme installed in Easter Compton, has been a success, as it brought down the speed of the vehicles travelling through the village to 20-25mph (compared to the previous 31mph).


However, the Parish Council were made aware of concerns that the scheme did not quite address the issues raised by the residents and that a lot of people felt that the money allocated by South Gloucestershire Council to road safety improvements in our Ward could have been better spent .

We also hear that residents are not convinced that the Easter Compton scheme will work well in other villages. We therefore feel that we should step in and help South Gloucestershire Council find the solution that will benefit our community.

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Orchard Pools - this survey is now closed

Thank you to all the parishioners who took part in the questionnaire concerning development at Orchard Pools. We received 192 responses, 190 of which were in favour of the Parish Council continuing to investigate the legitimacy of the commercial development and trying to stop it, if it is at all possible. 

We note strong opposition from the parishioners to the destruction of the habitat at the site, as well as the loss of the buffer zone between the village and the industrial site, which is now having a negative impact on the local environment (including a significant increase in the number of complaints about noise).
We are pursuing this matter with various agencies, and we will keep you updated.

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Western Approach Enviromental Statement

Eco Estate Management Plan

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