The Queens Platinum Jubilee
The Parish Council is planning to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee by accepting her invitation to join with other towns and parishes to light a beacon on Thursday June 2nd. 

Jubilee Beacon
Thursday June 2nd 7-10pm on the sea wall.
The siting of the beacon will be on a high point near the old boating lake.
Scouts will be lighting a beacon and there will be music and refreshments.
Children’s craft to make flags to wave.

A four-day bank holiday 2nd – 6th June!!
Are you having a street party??
Celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee with a street party, the bank holiday is a 4-day weekend for people to have street parties or their own gatherings. 

Much of the red tape has been stopped for this, check on the Government website please see the link here

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