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Bank Road, Pilning

Pilning & Severn Beach Parish Council own a small site of Allotments on Bank Road in Pilning which has 12 working plots.  The site is located adjacent to the Cemetery and has pedestrian access to the village via a path. 


Severn Beach Allotments 2.jpg

Beach Road, Severn Beach

Pilning & Severn Beach Parish Council lease the former rugby grounds from South Gloucestershire Council to provide Allotment space (Pictured above). It is a large site of 39 working plots, it is located off Beach Road, Severn Beach and is accessed by road.


Contracts for leasing an allotment run from 1st January until the 31st December annually and have the following lease fee (correct as of 2022/2023)


Pilning - £25/ year

Severn Beach - £40/ year


If you are interested in applying for an allotment at either site, please contact the Clerk via email


Note we are currently running a short waiting list for applications for both Pilning and Severn Beach allotments

Policy for allotment allocation
With immediate effect there will be a tiered system of allocating plots for new tenants

Tier 1 - Parishioners on the current fee scale (see note 1)
Tier 2 - Non-parishioners up to 3 miles outside the parish boundary at double the current fee scale (see notes 1 & 2) 

1 Allotment fees are reviewed annually
2 Up to one quarter of the allotment estate may be let to non-parishioners.

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