AGENDAS - 2021

Please note that due to government legislation the Parish Council are longer permitted to hold meetings electronically and all meetings are now held in person.

Annual Meeting Agendas

Annual Parish Meeting - 4th May 2021 via Zoom

Annual Meeting of Electors - 4th May 2021 via Zoom

Full Parish Council Meeting Agendas

6th December 2021 Severn Beach School

1st November 2021 Pilning Village Hall

4th October 2021 Severn Beach School

6th September 2021 Pilning Village Hall

5th July 2021 Pilning Village Hall

7th June 2021 Cancelled due to Covid restrictions

4th May 2021 via Zoom

6th April 2021 via Zoom

1st March 2021 via Zoom

1st February 2021 via Zoom

4th January 2021 via Zoom

Future meetings scheduled

4th January 2022 (Tuesday) Pilning Village Hall

7th February 2022 Severn Beach School

7th March 2022 Pilning Village Hall (7:15pm)

4th April 2022 Severn Beach School

3rd May 2022 (Tuesday) Pilning Village Hall - subject to confirmation

6th June 2022 Severn Beach School

4th July 2022 Pilning Village Hall (7:15pm)

5th September 2022 Severn Beach School

3rd October 2022 Pilning Village Hall (7:15pm)

7th November 2022 Severn Beach School

5th December 2022 Pilning Village Hall (7:15pm)

Finance Meeting

16th December 2021 Pilning Village Hall

All meetings start at 7pm unless otherwise notified