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Pilning and Severn Beach Cemetery - Headstone Safety Audit

A health & safety audit has been carried out at Pilning & Severn Beach Cemetery and a number of headstones were found to be unsecure.
These memorials have been respectfully laid flat on the ground.


If you need to make a repair to a gravestone please contact Odile McIntosh Cemetery Clerk in the first instance.


M: 07796 190794 

The memorials that have been laid down are 

Plot 19 Frank & Martha Jane Lock

Plot 85 Percy & Rose Ethel Priest

Plot 130 Gwendoline & Charles Williams

Plot 132 John (Jack) & Iris May Miller 

Plot 136 Francis Hector & Celia Taylor

Plot 193 Sidney & Elsie Oakhill

Plot 194 Ethel Sundry & Ronald Thompson

Two further memorials needing attention soon

Plot 274 Edmond Arthur Charles Ball

Plot 289 Gordon David Lucas

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